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Associated Companies

845 TV

8:45 TV was founded in 2009 by the leading innovator Mark Copeman as his first major online venture which delivers video-based online training in bite sized chunks primarily because very few people in the real world have time for elaborate, personal trainings. Over the past few years 8:45 TV has built on an impressive portfolio of prestigious clients like EY, Colt and RM Education.

The perfect approach by 8.45 TV Team is the key to their success. They deliver videos with high quality images and sound effects. They believe entertaining and engaging people around is the best way to do more business.

845 TV Training Video Production
8.45 Services
  • Video testimonials and interviews
  • Training video production
  • Business TV
  • Product Demos
  • Event filming and repurposing
  • 3D and animation production
  • Green screen video production
  • Creating a quality video is not an easy task, but making it funny and enjoyable makes the job tougher. 8.45 TV has a dedicated talented and experienced team to provide mind-blowing videos which are innovative, creative and interesting. The team tries to reduce complexity in the videos to make it simple and interesting and keep the audience engaged.