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Corporate Skill Development Corporate Skill Development Corporate Skill Development Corporate Skill Development

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  • Creating a world that works better

  • Engage, inspire and impact the performance of your people

  • Learn better, work better

  • Igniting workplace enthusiasm

  • Refine Your Skills
    Train Yourself Professionally

    Sterling Skills is globally reckoned as the pioneers in bringing out the best in people as we abide to a unique strategy of linking proven solutions with real-world challenges. We aspire to play a pivotal role in enhancing your career by offering peerless training modules. Our prime focus is to offer people in corporate companies the precise opening to refine their skills and augment their performance in order to build positive, steady, and profitable results. The team of Sterling Skills has invested years of research to develop e-learning courses that blends flawlessly with your goals, participant computing environments and budget.

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    Each Course Package Includes

    Sterling Skills E-learning Module
    E - Learning
    Sterling Skills Power point Slides
    Sterling skills Corporate Worksheet
    Work Sheets
    Sterling Skills Word Document
    Sterling Skills Employee Evaluation
    Employee evaluation
    & Post assessment

    A Coherent Approach

    At Sterling Skills we ensure to implement models and concepts that are proven effective with all sorts of learners. We offer extremely powerful and interactive training modules. The entire set of courses are carefully developed by our team in the most methodical, systematic and easy to follow technique.

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    Develop Leadership Skills
    Find out your
    leadership style

    The more experience you have acting as a genuine leader, the easier it will be for you.

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    Develop Emotional Intelligence
    How emotionally
    intelligent are you?

    Presentation Skills is one of most significant skill that can make or break a person’s career.

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    Presentation Skills
    Evaluate your
    presentation skills

    Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand, use and manage your emotions.

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    Client’s Feedback

    • “Sterling Skills makes life easier for someone who struggles a lot to improve his/her soft skills. Good interactive way of learning and confidence booster for people working in the corporate world. ”

      Peter Parker
      CEO Techwave Solutions


    • “I had a good time of learning with Sterling Skills. Effective training for individuals to improve the professional and personal life. Thanks for the valuable training and clear ideas about the things that we need to work on to perform well. ”

      Steve John
      HR Globet Solution


    • “First I bought a single course to develop my communication skills. I was so fascinated with the quality of the training that I went on and I subscribed almost all the personal development packages, and I am glad I did. Thanks to Sterling Skills.”

      Richard Bill
      Open Euro


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